Pumpkin Pie Candle


Fragrance Scented


Set the mood with our clean and natural candles. Our candles are handmade with coconut wax and fragrance scent to provide you with the right mindset that your senses are craving. Whether it’s that relaxing lavender at the end of the day or lemongrass to energize your morning, we have something for every mood, feeling, and focus.

Available in Fragrance Scent only (made with synthetic oil)
Clean ingredients
Exceptional burn time

Pumpkin Pie
Perfect for the holidays, our Pumpkin pie candle will have your house smelling like a fresh-baked pie and give you all the holiday feels.

Perfect for boosting energy, deodorizing, and stress relief.

Relieves stress, anxiety, and relaxes mind and body.

It calms the mind and is excellent for deep breathing and spiritual healing.

Has a minty smell that energizes the mind while reducing stress.

Excellent for meditation, this oil is known to calm the mind and relax the central nervous system.

Burning sage offers several benefits, including cleansing negativity, purifying the air, boost moods, excellent stress reliever, and more.

Apple Cider & Clove
Made with Apple Cider Oil and a hint of Clove, you’ll be sure to send your senses into a sweet, comforting Fall-like feel that everyone craves after a long, hot summer.

Apple Blossom
Another fall favorite, this candle has a scent of Apple Blossom and pairs perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate on a crisp fall day.

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