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Recommendations for Relaxation and Better Sleep

1. Working Out.

2. Allot more time for rest.

3. Reduce stress as much as possible.

4. Plan your week and days as much as possible, doing so leaves more time for other important things.

5. Hot baths.

6. Zen and or Spa music.

7. Zen tabletop fountain. (Small water fountain, can be found online) It promotes calmness and relaxation.

8. Low lighting. It’s good to reduce light at home, especially when it’s getting closer to bedtime.

9. Dark curtains for your bedroom.

10. Meditation. Meditating allows one to become centered and balanced.

These are just some healthy tools that can help someone relax naturally. A good night’s sleep is still the best healing medicine. The body needs time to decompress and rejuvenate. Relaxation and sleep will help this process.

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